NS Federation of Labour is concerned over closure of Lassonde Juice Plant in Port Williams, Nova Scotia

June 7, 2023

Truro N.S. – June 7, 2023 – Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, is deeply saddened and concerned by the recent announcement of the impending closure of the Lassonde Juice Plant in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. The closure of this vital facility will devastate the local community, farmers, and the dedicated workers at the plant.

“The plant has been a cornerstone of the Port Williams community for many years, contributing significantly to the region’s economic growth and vitality and the closure represents a major blow to the community, resulting in job losses and more economic uncertainty for many families who rely on the plant for their livelihoods.

“The closure will also severely impact local farmers diligently supplying the plant with high-quality fruits. The partnership between the plant and these farmers has been mutually beneficial, providing stability and a reliable market for their product”, says Cavanagh.

With the plant’s closure, farmers will face challenges in finding alternative buyers for their crops, threatening their economic sustainability and the future of local agriculture.

The dedicated workers at the plant have been the backbone of its success. Their commitment, skills, and hard work have been instrumental in making the plant a thriving enterprise. The closure will lead to job losses, loss of expertise, and the dispersal of a close-knit workforce that has contributed significantly to the local economy. Cavanagh emphasizes that the plant’s closure is another example of the challenges workers and communities face in an increasingly unpredictable and globalized economy. He calls on government officials and local stakeholders to explore every possible avenue to keep the plant operational or to find alternative solutions that will protect workers’ livelihoods and support the local economy.

“The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour stands in solidarity with the workers, farmers, and community members affected by this closure and we will advocate tirelessly to ensure their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed during this difficult time.

“The Federation will work closely with unions, community organizations, and government representatives to explore options for retraining, job placement, and support programs for the affected workers,” says Cavanagh.

Cavanagh extends his heartfelt sympathies to all those impacted by the plant’s closure. He calls on the community to unite and support one another, fostering resilience and solidarity as they navigate the challenges ahead. Together, he believes that the community can work towards finding sustainable solutions that will help mitigate the negative consequences of this closure.

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