Tune in to CIOE 97.5 FM Radio every Tuesday at noon for Labour Views, hosted by NSFL President Danny Cavanagh

February 3, 2023

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, in partnership with CIOE 97.5 FM, is pleased to announce the launch of a one hour weekly show called Labour Views.

This dedicated one-hour weekly program starting on Tuesday, February 7th at 12 noon will focus on a broad range of topics and issues relevant to members of Nova Scotia’s unions, their families, and Nova Scotians in general.

Long-time labour and community activist Danny Cavanagh, president of the NSFL, is a veteran and skilled communicator and extremely well-versed in all aspects of Canada’s labour movement from coast to coast and labour’s role in the community.

CIOE’s mission is to reach out in an inclusive way to all sectors within the broader community. With the deeply rooted social conscience of its Chairman Jim Robson, Vice Chairman Russell Grosse and dedicated staff of volunteers, CIOE felt it important that Nova Scotia’s massive labour force have a strong, independent voice to openly discuss issues and concerns in today’s volatile and ever-changing political, social, economic environment.

Mr. Cavanagh will interview union and community leaders, and politicians about current issues that affect us all. Labour Views will be an interactive show where you can learn more about unions and community groups and how they all contribute to society.

By listening weekly, you will gain valuable insight into how labour and community leaders work to improve conditions in Nova Scotia to make it a great place to live, work and raise our families!

 About CIOE 97.5 FM 

CIOE 97.5 FM is the Voice of the Community and the home of East Coast Music, established in 2015 as a radio broadcaster with a difference, making a difference. CIOE works to inform, educate, stimulate and entertain its broad base of listeners over the air and via its live streaming across the globe.

About Nova Scotia Federation of Labour

Just as workers join unions to protect their rights in their workplaces, unions join together to address common issues at the local, provincial, and national level.

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is the central provincial voice for Nova Scotia workers. The Fed represents thousands of union members, lobbying the provincial government for justice and fairness for workers across the province.

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