Statement on International Equal Pay Day

September 20, 2023

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour Supports International Equal Pay Day. A day dedicated to raising awareness about the persistent gender pay gap: with the gender pay gap estimated at a staggering 23% globally, our unions must continue to work tirelessly towards achieving pay equity and closing this unjust gap

The gender pay gap in Nova Scotia is a significant issue that requires attention and action. The gender pay gap in Nova Scotia is not unique to the province but is a nationwide issue. According to a study by Statistics Canada, the gender wage gap ranged from 7.4% in New Brunswick to 18.6% in British Columbia in 2018. Various factors, including occupational segregation, unconscious bias, and limited access to career advancement opportunities, influence this gap. To address the gender pay gap in Nova Scotia, it is essential to implement policies and initiatives that promote pay equity and equal opportunities for women in the workforce. It also involves supporting efforts to eliminate occupational segregation by encouraging women’s participation in traditionally male-dominated fields and promoting equitable hiring practices.

This includes advocating for affordable childcare, parental leave, and flexible work arrangements. Our unions are crucial in tackling the gender wage gap. The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and other unions are actively involved in various efforts to achieve equal pay and permanently eliminate the gender pay disparity. Closing the gender pay gap is not only a matter of economic justice but also a matter of human rights.

By working collectively with our unions and implementing policies that promote pay equity and equal opportunities, we can create a future where every worker in Nova Scotia receives fair and equal compensation. By supporting International Equal Pay Day, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and our affiliates reaffirm our solidarity to fight for gender equality and pay equity. Our unions understand that closing the gender pay gap requires collective action, advocacy, and policy changes. As we work towards achieving pay equity, we will not give up. So on this International Equal Pay Day, let us renew our commitment to achieving pay equity and closing the gender pay gap. Together, we can build a society that values and recognizes every worker’s inherent worth and dignity, regardless of gender.

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