Premier Houston failed on child care plan

August 18, 2023

The President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, Danny Cavanagh, says it is a travesty that the Houston government has failed to prepare their Child Care Action Plan for 2023-2026, leaving $123 million in federal funding on the table.

“This lack of action is causing immense distress to families struggling to secure affordable child care across the province. As the President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, I am deeply concerned about the lack of progress since the Houston government took office. Despite receiving funding and support from the federal agreement, access to affordable child care has only worsened under their watch. Parents, early childhood educators, and operators are not receiving the support they need to provide accessible, regulated child care.

“The Houston government promised 1,500 new childcare spaces by the end of 2022, and we know they remain 1470 short with fewer than 30 new spaces, a long way from 1,500,” says Cavanagh.

Having $10 a day public child care is the answer to ensuring a stronger and more resilient workforce. Can’t the government see and take advantage of the $123 million gift? The stories of wait list nightmares, childcare deserts, and parents’ inability to return to work due to a lack of childcare are heartbreaking.

“The Houston government needs to prioritize the well-being of families in Nova Scotia. We also strongly encourage them to work collaboratively with the federal government, take responsibility for their lack of action, and prioritize the needs of families in Nova Scotia,” says Cavanagh.

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