Nova Scotia Remembers

April 18, 2023

Three years after the devastating events of April 18 and 19, 2020, the impacts of the Nova Scotia mass shooting remain deeply felt across our province.

The scars left by this horrific event will not fade quickly, nor will the pain and trauma experienced by the families and the wider community. The tragedy, which claimed the lives of 23 innocent people, including an unborn baby, continues to loom large in our collective memory.

We would encourage people to stop for a personal moment of silence at noon today and tomorrow, and that buildings lower their flags to half-mast, to remember and honour the lives of those lost. 

We remain committed to building a safer, more equitable society where everyone can live free from fear and violence. The impacts of this tragedy may never fully heal, but we can honour the memory of those we have lost by working towards a better future for all.