65th Birthday celebration, NSGEU

April 20, 2023

On this momentous occasion of the 65th birthday of the NSGEU, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour extends its heartfelt congratulations to this esteemed organization.

Over the years, the NSGEU has advocated for workers’ rights and has consistently strived to improve the working conditions of its 30,000 members in Nova Scotia.

Today, as we celebrate this significant milestone, we recognize the extraordinary contributions made by the NSGEU in advancing its members’ welfare and promoting the principles of fairness, equity and social justice. The NSGEU has demonstrated remarkable resilience and leadership in remaining steadfast in its commitment to the well-being of its members.

As fellow advocates for workers’ rights, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour offers its warmest birthday wishes to the NSGEU on this auspicious occasion. May this influential organization continue to inspire positive change and progress for many more years to come. Happy 65th birthday, NSGEU!

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