NSFL President Urges Action Against Gender-Based Violence

April 19, 2024

For Immediate Release

Halifax – In response to recent comments made by the Minister of Justice regarding gender-based violence, President Danny Cavanagh of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour issued a resounding call for action to address this pervasive issue. The Minister’s dismissal of gender-based violence as ‘not an issue’ underscores a concerning lack of awareness about the real magnitude of this crisis, prompting criticism from advocacy groups and union representatives.

“Yesterday’s comments by the Minister of Justice demonstrate a severe disconnect with the reality of gender-based violence,” said Cavanagh. “To claim that it isn’t an issue’ is not only misguided but also insensitive to the countless individuals and families affected by this pervasive problem. It is clear that urgent and meaningful action is needed to combat gender-based violence in our communities.”

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour emphasizes the need for substantive measures to address gender-based violence effectively. President Cavanagh calls upon Premier Houston and his government to go beyond mere apologies and take decisive steps to tackle this critical issue. The impact of gender-based violence extends far beyond statistics; it leaves lasting scars on survivors and their families, demanding a comprehensive and empathetic response from policymakers.

“The NSFL is calling on Premier Houston to demonstrate real leadership in addressing gender-based violence,” said Cavanagh. “We stand in solidarity with survivors and advocate for concrete actions to prevent, address, and eradicate gender-based violence in our society. The time for meaningful change is now, and we call on the Premier and his government to step up and prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals affected by gender-based violence.”

As the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour continues to advocate for the rights and protections of workers and marginalized communities, Cavanagh emphasizes the urgency of addressing gender-based violence as a critical societal issue that demands immediate attention and concerted efforts from all levels of government.

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For more information or to arrange interviews contact: NSFL President Danny Cavanagh @ (902) 957-0822 

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is the provincial voice of the Labour Movement, representing 70,000 members in over 400 union locals.

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