Twenty-Four Workplace Fatalities is not acceptable

March 17, 2023

Twenty-four Nova Scotians workers died at or because of their work in 2022.  Nine workers died from acute traumatic injuries on the job. Nova Scotia Federation of Labour (NSFL) President Danny Cavanagh says that is unacceptable.

“No matter how it gets spun by the Workers’ Compensation Board  or the province, 24 is 24 too many.

“Sadly, very few – if any – have led to criminal charges under the Westray Act,” says Cavanagh.

The Federation of Labour calls on the provincial government to act and ensure employers are held accountable for failing to provide safe working environments. The organization also urges workers across Nova Scotia to remain vigilant and report any unsafe working conditions.

“We are talking about the lives of workers, and family members, and everyone deserves to come home at the end of their work day,” says Cavanagh.

There were also 15 fatalities classified as chronic in 2022. Eight were related to occupational diseases stemming from past exposures, such as lung conditions or asbestosis. Cavanagh noted that more needs to be done to protect workers from these long-term effects.

“We need the province to compile a list of buildings with asbestos so that workers and others can take proper precautions when entering those locations,” he said.

More needs to be done to reduce workplace fatalities in Nova Scotia and ensure safe working conditions for all employees. The NSFL is committed to ensuring employers are held accountable, and workers are provided with safe working environments to continue doing their jobs without worry or fear of harm.

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