Time to nominate the 2024 NSFL Sister of the Year

February 8, 2024

The NSFL Sister of the Year Award celebrates a union sister who has proven their dedication to the trade union movement and the advancement of women’s voices. The Sister of the Year is a woman who works tirelessly and deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication. This award is aimed at grass roots labour and women’s rights defenders. It acknowledges that women contribute in a variety of ways. When women raise their voices they also raise the voices of the women around them, offering strength and encouragement. The NSFL Women’s Committee will award the woman who best exemplifies this spirit. The award will be presented at the NSFL March 8 International Women’s Day breakfast at NSGEU. Details coming soon on tickets. Deadline for nominations is February 28, 2024. Please email Joan Wark: joan@nslabour.ca

NSFL President Danny Cavanagh honours miners at Davis Day ceremony in Glace Bay

June 12, 2024
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Global union leaders affirm support for Palestinian trade unions and the Palestinian people

June 11, 2024
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Statement from the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour on National Indigenous History Month

June 5, 2024
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