Time to apply for 2023/2025 NSFL Committees

November 8, 2023

After the Federation of Labour Convention, it’s time to begin the work delegates voted on at Convention.  The Leadership Team is committed to making the NSFL Committees effective and useful in the struggle for workers’ rights across Nova Scotia.  Committees will be supported by the Officers, Board of Directors and staff of the NSFL every step of the way.

Our committees are re-appointed every two years, after convention.  We encourage your local to nominate union activists for Committees.

Membership on the Committees is comprised of members from Local Unions and Labour Councils who have an interest in the subject matter of the Committee and have a desire to contribute to the work of the Committee. They should have a good knowledge of the subject and be prepared to add to the discussions and actions of the Committee.

To be accepted as a member of the Committee, individuals must be nominated by their local unionLocal unions/Labour Councils are responsible for covering lost wages for committee members when they attend committee meetings and functions. 

The Federation is committed to pay the cost of mileage, per diems and if required, accommodations at a unionized facility (where available), for approved meetings of the Committee. If nominees are full-time union staff, their union will pay all expenses. We have attached Terms of Reference for the Committees.

Please note that current Committee members who wish to serve again must be re-nominated.  In submitting names, please include a brief summary of the person’s involvement and why you think they would be qualified to serve on the Committee or Committees for which they are being nominated.

We will continue our efforts for gender parity on Committees.  We also encourage Locals to consider diversity when making committee nominations to help ensure African Nova Scotia, Indigenous, and other equity seeking workers are represented.

We want our Committees to be active, vibrant, and effective in the struggle for justice for the working class. This is only possible if local unions nominate union activists who will work hard to get the job done.      

Committees of the Federation may not be appointed if there are not enough nominees with a cross-section of geographical and union representation, to create a working Committee. Below is a list of the Federation Committees:

-Anti-Racism/Human Rights Committee

-Committee on Political Action

-Education Committee

-International Solidarity Committee

-Occupational Health and Safety/Workers’ Compensation Committee

-Women’s Committee

-Young Workers’ Committee (35 years old and younger)

All letters of nomination are to be submitted from affiliated organizations and not the individual person.

Please note that all nominations must include the complete contact information of the submitting Local/Labour Council.

It must also include the nominees’ complete contact information including address, postal code, email and telephone contact numbers. Send to: joan@nslabour.ca

The deadline is: December 15, 2023

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