The NSFL stands in solidarity with the Public Service Alliance of Canada

April 17, 2023

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour stands firmly in solidarity with the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) in their fight for a fair collective agreement. The Federation supports its fight for fair wages and improved working conditions.

These workers have been essential in helping to distribute payments to Canadians during the pandemic. However, their wages have continued to fall due to rising living costs. The cost of living has reached its highest point in decades, and wages have not kept up. This has left workers nationwide feeling the pinch, with many struggling to make ends meet. This is unacceptable for workers, and we must ensure that workers everywhere can earn a living wage commensurate with a living wage.

The Federation of Labour is proud to stand in solidarity with PSAC members as they fight for a fair collective agreement. They deserve to be recognized as valued public sector workers. Yesterday we called them heroes, and today they must be recognized as the heroes they are for taking a stand. The federal government’s budget with cuts to public services is a slap in the face, as is the boss not wanting to provide decent wages and show respect and value for the work they do every day. Many workers are falling further behind inflation; remember, they deliver vital public services.

PSAC members have been without a contract for nearly two years. They have taken on more debt and made difficult choices. The Canadian collective must join us today, as we cannot take them and what they do for granted. Providing fair wages, building a more inclusive public service that includes mandatory training on anti-racism, discrimination, and harassment, and allowing remote work is not unreasonable in 2023. Shame on the government and elected leaders to one-day call workers front-line heroes, and the next sit by while workers fight to make a reasonable living. We must ensure they receive the wages and working conditions they deserve.

We urge the government to take action and ensure that workers everywhere can receive the pay and benefits they need to support themselves and their families. The Federation of Labour and our 70,000 members call on the federal government to offer these workers a fair deal.

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