Statement on National Public Service Week

June 10, 2024

Celebrating the National Public Service Week from June 9 to 15 is an annual tradition deeply embedded in the hearts of all citizens as a tradition that the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour (NSFL) passionately supports. This week is not just a series of dates on the calendar; it is a tribute to the unwavering commitment and unparalleled dedication of public service workers who ceaselessly strive to improve our society.

The Federation has always been a robust advocate for the public service sector. Their tireless efforts in championing workers’ rights, promoting social justice, and ensuring the welfare of workers have been instrumental in the progress and development of our public services. This National Public Service Week, the NSFL carries the torch of gratitude and recognition, illuminating the contributions of public service workers across Nova Scotia and throughout Canada.

Every day, these remarkable individuals work behind the scenes, often unnoticed, to keep our communities functioning smoothly. Their work shapes our lives in countless ways, and this week, we take the time to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate their monumental contributions.

The federation believes that appreciation is more than words; it is about actions that demonstrate our collective respect and gratitude. From local events to personal gestures of thanks, your participation makes this week memorable for our public service workers.

Moreover, the NSFL sees this week as an opportunity to reinforce its unwavering commitment to the rights and welfare of public service workers. While we celebrate their contributions, we must also remember their struggles. The NSFL is steadfast in its work, ensuring fair wages, decent working conditions, and a discrimination-free environment for all public service workers. Your support is vital in this ongoing mission.

National Public Service Week is a significant time of appreciation, celebration, and recommitment. The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour stands at the forefront of these endeavours, championing the rights and contributions of public service workers. Sisters and Brothers, as we navigate through this week, let’s remember to extend our gratitude to these individuals, for their work is the backbone of our society. Let’s celebrate their unyielding dedication and unwavering commitment; they keep our communities running smoothly.

Happy National Public Service Week!    

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