Statement from the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour on National Indigenous History Month

June 5, 2024

As we enter June, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour (NSFL) recognizes and honours National Indigenous History Month. This month holds profound significance as it allows all Canadians to learn about, acknowledge, and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

National Indigenous History Month is a reflection, education, and action time. It reminds us of the resilience and strength of Indigenous communities, which have persevered in the face of historical injustices, systemic discrimination, and ongoing challenges. The NSFL stands in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and advocates for justice, reconciliation, and meaningful change.

The history of Indigenous peoples is deeply intertwined with the history of Canada, and it is essential that we acknowledge and confront the realities of colonialism, forced assimilation, and the intergenerational trauma that continues to impact Indigenous communities. National Indigenous History Month allows all Canadians to engage in dialogue, listen to Indigenous voices, and work towards a future based on mutual respect, understanding, and equality.

The NSFL, recognizing the importance of amplifying Indigenous voices within the labour movement, is dedicated to creating inclusive spaces that honour Indigenous cultures and traditions. We are unwavering in our commitment to supporting Indigenous workers, addressing the unique challenges they face, and advocating for workplace policies that respect Indigenous rights and sovereignty.

We also acknowledge the invaluable contributions of Indigenous workers to the labour movement and our society. We are dedicated to fostering meaningful partnerships with Indigenous organizations, supporting economic opportunities for Indigenous communities, and advocating for implementing the Calls to Action outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report.

As we observe National Indigenous History Month, the NSFL encourages our members and allies to engage in learning, reflection, and solidarity actions. We must collectively work towards dismantling systemic barriers, addressing the legacy of colonialism, and advocating for the full implementation of Indigenous rights, including the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

National Indigenous History Month is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to truth, justice, and reconciliation. The NSFL is unwavering in our support for Indigenous communities and will continue to advocate for meaningful change within the labour movement and beyond.

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