Senate passes federal anti-scab legislation

June 19, 2024

As President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, I am proud to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all workers and unions for this win. Our collective efforts, in collaboration with many other organizations, have led to the Senate’s historic passing of the Federal anti-scab legislation. This landmark legislation is a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice by countless workers and labour activists who have faced and fought against the unfair hiring of replacement workers during strikes or lockouts. Today, we rejoice in knowing the fight has not been in vain.

The passage of this Federal legislation is a significant step forward in protecting workers’ rights. It not only discourages the use of replacement workers but also fosters a more equitable environment for fair and good-faith negotiations between employers and unions. It reinforces the importance of collective bargaining and upholds the dignity of every worker who, through their sweat and toil, contributes to the growth of our economy. This is a beacon of hope for a fairer and more just future for all workers.

Today, we see the validation of our belief that when workers unite, we can affect meaningful change. We stood together, unwavering in our resolve and unyielding in our pursuit of justice, and today, our collective efforts have been rewarded. This legislation may not be perfect but it is a victory that paves the way for a fairer future for the workers of tomorrow.

While we celebrate this victory, it’s crucial to remember that our work is far from over. There are still many issues that need to be addressed, and our advocacy for progressive labour laws that protect all workers must continue. While the legislation may not be perfect, it’s better than what we had before the Anti-Scab Bill was passed, which was nothing. We must persist in our fight for fair wages, safe workplaces, and equality in the workplace. Our commitment to this cause is unwavering, and our determination is stronger than ever.

I extend my sincerest gratitude to the Senators and the all-party support in the House of Commons who voted in favour of this legislation. Their decision is a testament to their understanding of the struggles faced by workers and their commitment to creating a just and equitable society. We are grateful for their support.

We, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, will continue championing workers’ rights, opposing unfair labour practices, and fighting for a just and fair society. As we celebrate this Federal Legislation, our work will continue to get Anti-Scab Legislation in Nova Scotia. Tomorrow, we will continue our work.

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