NSFL president Danny Cavanagh, has urgent concerns surrounding workers’ financial struggles

July 13, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia – President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, Danny Cavanagh, is expressing deep concern over the growing number of workers living from one paycheck to another. He emphasizes that the news revealing higher debt levels among households in our country compared to other G7 nations is unsettling. Cavanagh calls for immediate action to address the distressing rise in poverty rates, especially among families in Nova Scotia.

The recent surge in interest rates by the Bank of Canada is anticipated to impact low-income and younger workers disproportionately. Cavanagh highlights the impending consequences of this rate hike, which will undoubtedly harm numerous individuals within our society.

“As winter approaches, the lack of affordable housing, the high cost of food, and other essential expenses exacerbate the challenges vulnerable workers and families face. The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour urges governments to acknowledge these impending struggles and take proactive measures.”

Aligning with the Canadian Labour Congress, Cavanagh underscores the potential solutions that can alleviate the burden on struggling families.

“Implementing accessible and affordable housing options, establishing publicly delivered universal pharmacare, and introducing a windfall tax to hold profit-driven corporations accountable for their role in rising prices are viable steps toward ensuring a better future for all. By adopting these measures, governments can ease the financial strain experienced by families grappling to make ends meet.”

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is actively engaged in modernizing the Employment Insurance (EI) system. Cavanagh stresses the critical importance of progressing with EI reforms when the House of Commons reconvenes in the upcoming fall.

“Workers, particularly those employed in all sectors and seasonal industries, have diligently contributed to this system over the years and rightfully expect its support during times of need. Regrettably, the current reality falls short of providing adequate assistance, as fewer than 2 in 5 unemployed individuals qualify for EI benefits. The Employment Insurance system is long overdue for reform, and the government must take immediate action to prevent a growing number of individuals from being left without the essential support they require, particularly as the winter season approaches.”

Cavanagh urges the government to prioritize the impending challenges faced by workers and families, emphasizing the urgency of the situation before the arrival of the cold winter and snow.

“The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour remains committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of workers across the province, working tirelessly to bring about meaningful change.”

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For more information or to arrange interviews contact: NSFL President Danny Cavanagh @ (902) 957-0822 

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is the provincial voice of the Labour Movement, representing 70,000 members in over 400 union locals.

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