NSFL President Danny Cavanagh commends the federal government’s groundbreaking decision to introduce anti-scab legislation

November 9, 2023

Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, commends the federal government’s groundbreaking decision to introduce anti-scab legislation. This significant milestone marks a triumph for workers’ rights and paves the way for fair and equitable labour practices in the Federal sector; now, we need provinces to do the same, says the labour leader.

The federal government’s introduction of anti-scab legislation demonstrates its commitment to protecting workers during labour disputes and promoting a balanced and respectful bargaining environment. This legislation restricts hiring replacement workers, commonly known as scabs, during strikes or lockouts, ensuring that workers’ collective voice remains strong and their demands are met through meaningful negotiations.

Danny Cavanagh expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We applaud the federal government for taking this historic step in enacting anti-scab legislation. This legislation conveys many of our values and protects workers’ rights. It levels the playing field during labour disputes, fostering fair negotiations and encouraging employers to address workers’ concerns collaboratively.”

The implementation of nationwide anti-scab legislation aligns with the principles and goals of the Federation of Labour, which has long advocated for fair treatment and respect for workers. This legislation provides a much-needed framework to prevent the exploitation of workers and encourages employers to engage in constructive dialogue during labour disputes. Danny Cavanagh further emphasized, “The federal government’s action in enacting anti-scab legislation demonstrates its understanding of the importance of collective bargaining and the need to protect workers’ rights. We are grateful for this significant step towards achieving fair and balanced labour practices across Canada.”

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is committed to working collaboratively with the Canadian Labour Congress and government, our unions, and other stakeholders to ensure workers get good legislation that is effectively implemented and enforced. By standing together, workers and their representatives can ensure their voices are heard and respected throughout the bargaining process. The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour appreciates the government for taking this momentous step in advancing workers’ rights and creating a more equitable and just labour landscape. This legislation will create a more harmonious relationship between employers and workers and foster a fair and prosperous society.

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