NS Federation of Labour very pleased to sign new contract with WCB for Office of Worker Counsellor

December 15, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently signed a new agreement between the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour to operate the  Office of the Worker Counsellor (OWC) and the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). This new agreement brings exciting changes and increased funding to benefit the parties to the agreement and services to injured workers significantly. Our budget under the new agreement has increased from $491,538 to an impressive $629,538. This increased funding will enable us to expand our operations and invest in various areas that benefit our staff and clients. This increased funding will cover hiring a new staff member who will serve as a working manager at the OWC. In addition to the increased annual funding, we have successfully secured $38,500 outside the contract. This funding will be allocated towards implementing new filing and IT system upgrades to minimize risk and upgrade client survey methods. These enhancements will streamline our processes, improve efficiency, and ensure we deliver the best services to injured workers.

We have also changed our reporting methods, aiming for fewer but more concise reports. This will enable us to provide more focused and impactful updates with the most relevant information to WCB. These developments mark an exciting chapter for the Office of the Worker Counsellor. With increased funding, strategic upgrades, and improved practices to minimize risk, we are confident that we will continue to excel in our mission to support and advocate for injured workers’ rights.

Thanks to our former treasurer, Hugh Gillis, for his invaluable contribution during our discussions with WCB. His pivotal role was significant in securing increased funding for additional staff and additional financial support for the upgrades. 

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