Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President expresses concerns about new CEO Appointment at Worker’s Compensation Board

July 27, 2023

Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, has expressed reservations about the recent appointment of Karen Adams as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. Adams has an extensive background in the banking industry.
According to Cavanagh, the unique needs and challenges faced by injured workers might be better addressed by someone with a workers’ rights or occupational health and safety background.

“Diverse backgrounds can bring fresh perspectives and valuable skills to this role, but I am concerned about transparency, open communication, and a commitment to prioritize workers’ needs and rights in all decisions and policies. Adams’s background is in the banking industry, including a high-level position as CEO.

“The perception could be a bias towards corporate interests over those of injured workers,” says Cavanagh.
He underscores that the Worker’s Compensation system is supposed to be designed to protect the rights of workers injured on the job, ensuring they receive appropriate compensation and support during their recovery. In contrast, banking and pension services primarily focus on financial management and investment. This focus may not necessarily align with the protective mandate of Workers’ Compensation.

  “We hope the new CEO will understand the specific dynamics of Workers’ Compensation and build trust within the system. There may be some catching up to do,” Cavanagh says.

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