Nova Scotia Federation of Labour calls for relief for workers in upcoming provincial budget

February 26, 2024

As the province eagerly anticipates the release of the upcoming budget, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour (NSFL) is urging the Houston government to prioritize providing relief for workers facing the burden of increasing living costs. NSFL  President Danny Cavanagh stresses that Nova Scotian workers are in desperate need of support as they grapple with skyrocketing expenses while their wages struggle to keep pace.

In recent years, the cost of essentials such as groceries, housing, heating, gas, and transportation has surged, placing immense strain on working families across the province. Moreover, the relentless increase in power rates has only added to the financial hardships faced by Nova Scotian workers. Cavanagh emphasizes that the current situation demands immediate action from the government to alleviate the mounting financial pressure on workers.

“The upcoming budget represents a pivotal opportunity for the Houston government to demonstrate genuine commitment to the welfare of Nova Scotian workers,” states Cavanagh. “It is imperative that the government directs its focus towards providing tangible relief to the hardworking individuals and families who are bearing the brunt of these exorbitant cost increases.”

Cavanagh further emphasized the need to allocate the increased revenues not towards tax breaks for large corporations, but rather towards initiatives aimed at bolstering support for workers and addressing critical societal challenges. “Amidst reports of escalating energy poverty and mounting instances of child and family poverty, it is high time for meaningful interventions to be undertaken,” he declared. “We urge the government to harness the enhanced revenues to combat these pressing issues and facilitate improved worker retention in the face of affordability crises.”

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour remains steadfast in its advocacy for the equitable treatment of workers and the alleviation of their financial burdens. As the budget announcement draws near, the Federation stands resolute in its call for substantial relief measures to be included, signaling the government’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of all Nova Scotians.

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