June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21, 2023

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour joins our communities to recognize and celebrate June 21 as Indigenous Peoples Day. This day allows us to learn, celebrate and honour Indigenous peoples’ rich cultures, languages, and histories while acknowledging their ongoing struggles. As the voice of working people in Nova Scotia, we recognize the immense contributions made by Indigenous workers to our province’s economy and society. From fishing and forestry to healthcare and education, Indigenous workers play a vital role in every sector. Their knowledge, skills, and perspectives are essential in building a more just and inclusive society.

We must also recognize the injustices and systemic barriers that Indigenous peoples continue to face. The history of colonialism and the legacy of residential schools have devastated Indigenous communities, leading to intergenerational trauma, socioeconomic disparities, and the denial of fundamental rights and opportunities.

On this Indigenous Peoples Day, we stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities, advocating for justice, truth, and reconciliation. We call for meaningful collaboration and partnership between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous allies to address the ongoing challenges, heal the wounds of the past, and create a better future for all.

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is committed to promoting Indigenous rights and self-determination. We support efforts to preserve Indigenous languages, cultures, and traditions, ensuring they are passed onto future generations. We also advocate for implementing the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, including the full recognition and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Furthermore, we urge all levels of government, employers, and organizations to prioritize meaningful consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities in decision-making processes that impact their lives. This includes employment and economic opportunities, resource development, and social policies. By working together, we can build a more inclusive society where Indigenous peoples’ rights are respected, and their voices are heard.

Today, let us reflect on the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures that have shaped this land for thousands of years. Let us celebrate their resilience, wisdom, and contributions. And let us commit to the ongoing work of truth, justice, and reconciliation, forging a brighter and more equitable future for all.

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