Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, Urges Inclusion of Paramedics Union in Legislature Committee Review

September 22, 2023

Danny Cavanagh, the President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, has issued a passionate call for the inclusion of the Paramedics Union in the upcoming Legislature Committee review of the audit of the ambulance service. Cavanagh stresses the vital importance of hearing directly from the dedicated professionals on the front lines, who possess firsthand knowledge and experience of the challenges faced within the ground ambulance service
In a statement released today, Cavanagh emphasizes the necessity of inviting the Paramedics Union to appear before the Legislature Committee next week. The Conservative legislative committee members are doing a disservice to Nova Scotians by blocking their appearance before the committee. The union members respond to emergency calls and provide life-saving care. Their unique perspective is essential in understanding the reality of the situation and identifying practical solutions.

“This government must recognize the urgent need to hear directly from the men and women on the ground, dedicating their lives to saving others,” states Cavanagh. “If we truly wish to fix the issues plaguing our ambulance services and improve the quality of care provided, it is imperative that the Paramedics Union be allowed to voice their concerns before the committee.”

Cavanagh asserts that the government must elevate its approach to problem-solving by actively engaging with those who possess an intimate understanding of the challenges faced within the ground ambulance service. “The time for playing political games is over. The people of Nova Scotia deserve better,” he adds. “We cannot afford to ignore the voices of our front-line workers any longer.”

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour stands firmly behind the Paramedics Union, advocating for their inclusion in the Legislature Committee review. Cavanagh urges the government to swiftly rectify the situation by extending an invitation to the Paramedics Union, ensuring their valuable input is heard and considered.

Cavanagh concludes, “We must prioritize the well-being of our communities and the dedicated professionals who serve them. By inviting the Paramedics Union to participate in the Legislature Committee review, we demonstrate our commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to addressing the challenges within the ground ambulance service.”

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