African Heritage Month Gala 2024

January 29, 2024

As union leaders, we fight for the rights and well-being of our members and support marginalized communities. That’s why the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour sponsored the African Heritage Month Gala in Sydney, Nova Scotia. This event celebrates the African Nova Scotian community’s culture and contributions to Cape Breton and the province. Our gold sponsorship shows support for diversity, inclusion, and the vital work for social justice. It also helps us establish relationships with community members and learn from their experiences.

Through our support for the gala, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour promotes diversity, inclusion, and social justice within the labour movement. It demonstrates our commitment to equality and inclusivity for people from different backgrounds. By backing this event, we invested in empowering the African Nova Scotian community by standing together at this critical event, which also shows our solidarity and dedication to social justice.

Thanks to the members who joined us at our table: Melissa, Rocky, Denise, Jason, Kevin and Danny.

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