Joining a union is as easy as 1-2-3


Get in touch, we can share helpful information about unions and how to get started. There’s a union for you, we’ll help you find a match. The first step is understanding the process, getting in touch with an oranizer, and getting organized.


Working with your organizer you and your co-workers work together to get people on-board. You each sign union membership cards, confidentially and anonymously. The employer never sees your cards. Once at least 40% of workers have signed cards, your union applies for certification and there’s a vote, usually within a few days.


Now that you’re union is certified you get organized and begin negotiating with your employer. You’re on a path to a collective agreement and a new, stronger voice at the table. The labour movement is still here to help! There’s training, networking, and solidarity at every turn.

Key Union Terms

For those new to unions and how we work, this can all seem a little daunting. We’ve assembled a list of terms that can help you to better understand how unions, negotiations, and organized labour works. So, if this is all new to you, check out our list of commonly used labour terms here:

Labour Terms Glossary

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