We are asking for your support by signing the following letter to the Premier and the Minister of Labour. The letter will be emailed to them using your name and email address.

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour encourages all members and workers to be proactive in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. We have compiled some important background information for you to look at so you can see what is going on across Canada and how important it is to make sure our Government knows how important it is that we have paid domestic violence leave!

If you use any of this info, please put it near the top of your letter as it will individualize it. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Domestic Violence Backgrounder[PDF]

Dear Premier/Minister:

I am writing to add my support to the NS Federation of Labour campaign for paid leave for victims of domestic violence.

I am pleased to see the Liberal Government propose amendments to Labour Standards to better support victims of domestic violence.

As these changes are an important start in addressing domestic violence in Nova Scotia, but it is not far enough and we would like to see paid domestic violence leave as the best way to give victims true economic stability.

The federal government, along with Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario, provide paid days of leave for people who have experienced domestic violence and we feel the women of Nova Scotia deserve the same protected leave and support when fleeing or living in a violent situation

Your legislation gives support to women, but some will still be vulnerable and the best support is paid domestic violence leave which gives employees job protection and financial security.

I ask that the Liberal Government take the next steps to remove the major barrier for women escaping domestic and intimate partner violence – paid leave.

People should not be penalized financially when they are dealing with being victimized by a family member or partner.