Lighting the Way with Workplace Education assists in the development of better skills in reading, writing and math, but in the context of the broader trade union struggle to empower working people. Lighting the Way is a literacy program that grows out of a movement fighting for greater social justice and equality for working people. The fact that it is a part of this broader struggle of the labour movement shapes every aspect of Lighting the Way.

Perhaps most importantly, the larger struggle of the labour movement continually puts literacy in a proper perspective – as a tool, as a means to an end and not the end itself. Greater social and economic justice comes not from higher individual skill levels but from collective action for change. Every aspect of Lighting the Way is designed to facilitate the growth in the collective ability of working people to shape the world
in which they live.

The philosophy of Lighting the Way comes from labour’s conception of the broader goals of social unionism – to help empower working people to take control of their lives individually and collectively; to be heard; to question, criticize, evaluate and act as full citizens with a broad social vision in a democratic society.