We are committed to the principle of advancing the social and economic well-being of the workers of Nova Scotia; as well as attempting to secure legislative change which will safeguard and promote the principles of free collective bargaining, the rights of workers, human rights and the security and welfare of all people.

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is the province’s central labour body. It was established, along with other Federations of Labour, after the creation of the Canadian Labour Congress in 1956, to further the aims and objectives of its affiliated unions.

The Federation speaks on behalf of and represents the interests of organized and unorganized workers. We promote decent wages and working conditions, improved health and safety laws and lobbies for fair taxes and strong social programs. Working for social equality, and to end racism and discrimination.

While the Federation does not deal with collective bargaining directly, it does focus on issues such as provincial labour standards, workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety standards, which do have an effect on and are affected by industrial relations.