Committees are an important part of the Federation’s work…
Executive Council members chair the various Federation Committees which deal with many ongoing issues:

  • Anti-Racism/Human Rights Committee
  • Committee on Political Action
  • Education Committee
  • Occupational Health and Safety/Workers’ Compensation Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Young Workers’ Committee
  • International Solidarity Committee


Our Standing Committees for 2015-2017 


Anti-Racism/Human Rights Committee

Angela Downey, Unifor – Chair

Rocky Beals, NSGEU Local 8

Lorna Bowden, Unifor Local 2289

Christina Ashe, Unifor Local 4606

Wayne Kelley, PSAC

Omar Joof, SEIU Local 2

Charlie Huntley, SEIU Local 2

Anita Bock, CUPW, Nova Local

David Ladouceur, Unifor Local 1

Carol Pickering, PSAC


Committee on Political Action (COPA)

 Dianne Frittenburg, Chair

Carmie Erickson, HDDLC

Bill Zebedee, NSGEU Local 1246

Trevor Beckerson, HDDLC

Suzanne McNeil, HDDLC

Colleen Hodder, PSAC

Jackie Swaine, SEIU Local 2

Carmie Erickson, Cape Breton District Labour Council


Education Committee

 Matt Barkhouse, Chair

Anne McCrate, NSGEU Local 53

Rhonda Taylor, Unifor Local 2107

Tanya Spicer, Unifor Local 2107

Perla Canales, Unifor Local 2289

Chris DiLiberatore, PSAC

Elaine Connelly, SEIU Local 2


International Solidarity Committee

 No Chair

James Berry, PSAC

Linda Lynds, CUPE

Donna VanKroonenburg, CUPE

Margaret Ann McHugh, IAM & AW Local 2797

Hilan Massica, Unifor Local 4606

Toni McAphee, CUPW

OH&S/Workers’ Compensation Committee

Danny Cavanagh, acting Chair 

Gordon MacDonald, CUPW

Hugh Gillis, NSGEU Local 480C

Nicole McKim, IAM & AW Local 2797

Martin Boutilier, Unifor Local 4606

Jennifer Benoit (Unifor Local 2107)

Brian Oldford, PSAC

Terry Kiley, PSAC (also NSFL Executive member)

Richard Ratchford, Unifor Local 596 (Sydney)

Christine Young, SEIU Local 2


Women’s Committee

Tammy Gillis, Chair, NSGEU

Jeannie Baldwin, PSAC

Donna MacGregor, NSGEU Local 71C

Christine James, Unifor Local 4606

Rhonda Doyle LeBlanc, PSAC

Cathy Reteff, SEIU Local 2

Diane Mulvihill, Unifor Local 596 (Sydney)

Christine Saulnier, Unifor Local 567

Heather Corkum, CUPE Local 1431

Bev Aker, Unifor Local 4603

Penny Foster, SEIU Local 2


Young Workers’ Committee

 Danny Cavanagh, acting Chair

Amanda Hemmings, NSGEU Local 27

Jessica Smith, Unifor Local 4606

Jessica Brown, Unifor Local 2107

Laurena Miller, Unifor Local 2107

Shannon Moors, PSAC

Holly Feltmate, NSNU

Melissa Bellefeuille, HDDLC