The Federation represents approximately 70,000 members of affiliated unions in more than 350 locals working in every aspect of Nova Scotia’s economy.

The Federation provides strike support whenever called upon, by making a direct donation, sending a strike appeal to affiliates, making a presentation to government for intervention, supporting a boycott or holding a support rally.

Over the years the Federation has been on hundreds of picket lines and supported as many demonstrations, standing shoulder to shoulder with workers fighting for fairness.

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour was founded on a principle of justice and dignity for all and it will always be front and centre in the battle for a just society.

The Federation Executive Council is made up of seven officers, at least two of whom must be women: A President, a First Vice-President, a Secretary-Treasurer, three Vice-Presidents-at-Large and a Vice-President Representative of Workers of Colour. Fifteen General Vice-Presidents from the major unions make up the rest.

The President and two staff members work out of the Fed office in Halifax.

The convention is held every two years during which delegates from affiliated unions set policy and future direction for the Federation and elect the Executive Council.