We remember Westray

By Joan Wark
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On May 9, 1992, at 5:18 am, 26 men died underground in the Westray Mine.

Today we remember them:

  • John Thomas Bates, 56
  • Larry Arthur Bell, 25
  • Bennie Joseph Benoit, 42
  • Wayne Michael Conway, 38
  • Ferris Todd Dewan, 35
  • Adonis J. Dollimont ,36
  • Robert Steven Doyle, 22
  • Remi Joseph Drolet , 38
  • Roy Edward Feltmate, 33
  • Charles Robert Fraser ,29
  • Myles Danial Gillis, 32
  • John Philip Halloran, 33
  • Randolph Brian House,27
  • Trevor Martian Jahn, 36
  • Laurence Elwyn James, 34
  • Eugene W. Johnson, 33
  • Stephen Paul Lilley, 40
  • Micheal Frederick MacKay ,38
  • Angus Joseph MacNeil, 39
  • Glenn David Martin, 35
  • Harry Alliston McCallum, 41
  • Eric Earl McIsaac, 38
  • George James Munroe, 38
  • Danny James Poplar, 39
  • Romeo Andrew Short, 35
  • Peter Francis Vickers, 38

We continue to work with Department of Labour officials on the Westray Bill, Bill C45, pursuing the fact that we do not see many criminal investigations happen when a worker dies in a workplace accident. That must change.

We will be meeting with the special prosecutor and working through their department to ensure that if a criminal investigation proves the worker died on a job site, the police will have the authority to conduct a criminal investigation in conjunction with the department officials.

We are also closely watching what happens at the Donkin Mine in Cape Breton. We have had meetings with government officials and members of the United Mine Workers. We are constantly watching to ensure safety is the first consideration.

We will never stop fighting for every worker to have a safe workplace.

No more westrays!

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