NSFL Statement for International Workers’ Day

By Joan Wark
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By Danny Cavanagh, President of the NS Federation of Labour

Across Canada, and around the world on May 1st people will gather together to celebrate International Workers’ Day. We recognize this day in solidarity with millions of workers around the world. We commemorate the struggle for an eight-hour workday and the historic struggles of workers who have gone before us.

There are also celebrations of solidarity and the triumph that slowly but inevitably flows when people stand together for what they know is right.

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is pleased to mark May 1st, International Worker’s Day.

May Day is recognized around the world. It traces its origins to the mid 1880s when a movement of workers protested to get an eight-hour workday. At that time, most people worked between 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week. This movement witnessed many sacrifices; some labour activists even lost their lives as a result, in order to obtain justice for all workers.

On International Workers’ Day this year, lets renew our commitment to push for positive change that will benefit all workers.

So to all our sisters and brothers around the world, Happy May Day!





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