NSFL President Danny Cavanagh is pleased the Liberal Government has opened the door to the possibility of paid domestic violence leave

By Joan Wark
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Halifax, N.S. – Yesterday, NS MLAs on the Legislature’s Law Amendments Committee voted to change Bill 107 legislation that allows workers time off when they are dealing with abuse at home.

“Since the Bill was introduced, we have been saying that many abuse victims cannot afford to take time off without pay,” says Cavanagh.

The amendment will give Cabinet the power to provide paid leave provisions, so the change would not have to go through the legislative process. This is good news and we will continue to pressure the government to take the step of paid days.

“People in a domestic violence situation shouldn’t be worried about how they’re going to pay their bills and be penalized financially when they are dealing with being victimized by a partner.

“Victims looking to leave a Domestic Violence situation require support to help them heal and access appropriate services and it’s just the right thing to do to ensure survivors of intimate partner violence don’t also have to worry about facing more violence if their pay cheque  is missing a day or two because they sought help. No one should have to choose between a pay cheque and abuse,” says Cavanagh.

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