Labour Federation and SEIU Local 2 call for changes to Labour Standards

By Amy Morris
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The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2 co-hosted a press conference today to call on the Minister of Labour to make changes to the Labour Standards and the Trade Union Acts to protect all workers from wage theft and contract flipping.

What is going on with two groups of SEIU Local 2 members is just one more glaring example of why our antiquated labour laws in Nova Scotia need to be updated to protect workers in this province. Recently the contract for cleaning Founders Square changed hands. As a result, all the cleaners of African descent were let go. Workers were then completely ignored by both Armour Group and Deep Down Cleaning Services when they reached out to discuss continued employment.

Smiling Goat Coffee  workers are in an ongoing struggle with their manager who owes them thousands in wages and has been deducting long-term disability benefits off their paycheques despite having no healthcare plan set up for employees.


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