NSFL Fighting for fairness!

By Joan Wark
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Our president, Danny Cavanagh has written a letter to the CEO of Tim Horton’s parent company demanding fairness for its workers.

He attended a lunchtime rally today for $15 and Fairness, to support workers at Tim Horton’s and other low-wage employers, where union members blocked Spring Garden Road, chanting “Doughnuts! No cuts!”

 The letter is below:

Dear Mr. Schwartz:

On behalf of the Executive Council and 82,000 members of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour (NSFL), I write today to formally request that you take the immediate steps to ensure the restoration of hours, paid breaks and benefits that may have been taken away as a result of the increase in minimum wage in Ontario.

Our Federation stands solidly with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) and workers in demanding this action.

The Federations of Labour across Canada and the CLC advocate for improved and fair working conditions on behalf of all working people.

Like many Nova Scotians and millions of Canadians across this country, many of whom are your customers, we were disgusted last week to learn that many Tim Horton’s franchise owners had taken steps to claw back paid coffee breaks and reduce health benefits of minimum wage earners to offset perceived costs associated with the increase in the minimum wage in Ontario.

These actions against minimum wage earners are particularity galling in light of the “Canadian Values” branding that Tim Hortons trades upon. Further, it is perplexing that your franchise owners would take these steps within the first week of operating under the new minimum wage regulations in Ontario, when a price hikes had already been implemented in 2017 by Tim Hortons in anticipation of the increased minimum wage.

Minimum wage laws are changing across the country, and as a society we have to realize that all workers deserve a fair and decent wage, and certainly do not deserve to bear the wrath of greedy owners. Here is an opportunity for Tim Hortons to really emulate the “Canadian Values”, that as a corporation, it claims to represent.

The NSFL calls on you, as the Chief Executive Officer of RBI Inc. and as President of the Tim Horton’s brand, to take immediate and corrective action to ensure Tim Horton’s franchise owners respect the new labour laws in Ontario and everywhere and immediately proceed with the full restoration of wages, paid breaks, and benefits to the workers at Tim Horton’s restaurants across your entire chain.

Failure to take the required next steps may further escalate this matter within the labour movement and the public with the real possibility that similar actions will be seen across the country as other provinces adjust their minimum wages upward to similar levels.

The Labour movement is calling on you to take immediate corrective action, instead of simply blaming this situation on the reckless and greedy actions of your franchise owners.


Danny Cavanagh, President, Nova Scotia Federation of Labour




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