November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance

By Joan Wark
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November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Together we must work and do more to demand an end to hate crimes against transgendered people. Each year this day reminds us that transgendered people still live in fear of violence, isolation, and discrimination.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is an opportunity to raise awareness to the violence and discrimination faced by gender variant people. On November 20th, workplaces and communities across Canada and around the world will take the time to observe Transgender Day of Remembrance and commemorate those individuals who have lost their lives or faced violence and discrimination due to transphobia.

Together we take this day not only to remember the lives lost but to recommit ourselves and our unions to do the work that is needed. We need to ensure that our workplaces are free of discrimination. Today we recommit to do the work required to eliminate and reduce transphobia in our workplaces and society.

Today we call on our governments at all levels to make Transgender Rights legislation a priority. Today we join with a national movement calling for the end to hate crimes against people based on their gender identity or expression.

Today we join in this international movement calling for the end to hate crimes against transgendered people. We must stand strong to get discrimination laws that will protect people from discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Today our thoughts turn to the daily struggle for survival that many transgendered people face across the country and around the world. Today we must remember those who died or became injured in violent attacks on members of the trans community. To remember those in the trans community who suffer the psychological wounds that come with such hate crimes.

Today we will come together as human beings committed to the protection of those most vulnerable to violence. Let us work toward that day when no one will have to fear discrimination, harassment, abuse or violence because of their gender identity or expression or for any other reason. Let us renew our commitment here and now to the paramount principle of non-violence and a national and a global order of justice for all.

(Source of information: United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union UFCW)

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