Labour Federation pleased that Government agrees to include cuts to Service Award in its judicial review of Bill 148

By Joan Wark
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The president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is pleased that the Nova Scotia Government has changed its mind and amended their judicial review of Bill 148 to include the articles that strips working people of benefits they earned in previous collective agreements. Federation President Danny Cavanagh says this is a right decision and one that brings some fairness into the process rather than just looking at just portions of the bill.

“If the court finds it is unconstitutional, will the government commit to dropping the Bill and head back to the bargaining table?  We know that these court proceedings are complicated and expensive, and our unions have an obligation to defend their members. The Federation will continue to work with the unions affected by Bill 148 and do all in our power to ensure unions members get the fairness they deserve, and if that means doing it in the courts or the streets, we are up for the challenge.

“We welcome this news, and we will now proceed and do all we can to ensure our members get its day in court and prove that Bill 148 is unconstitutional,” says Cavanagh.

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