Liberal budget ignores the needs of Nova Scotians

By Joan Wark
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How can a government with so many crises leave a $21.3-million surplus in its budget, This Premier and his Liberal counterparts are choosing to ignore a major health care crisis, rampant family poverty and child poverty. 

How can they not mention the cost of upcoming court battles with its unions which will be very costly.  They Liberals did not budget any money to justify its decision to defend its constant use of a legislative hammer on unions. Remember we are heading to the Supreme Court on some challenges.

This surplus is really on the backs of our 75,000 union members who have gone for a long time without any pay increases. Shame on McNeil for holding so many people down in our province.  It’s fine for the Liberals to contend they have a majority, but they should realize they may have more seats in the legislature but they only received 39% of the vote.

Everything from doctor shortages, mental health, emergency room closures, poverty to the increased food bank use and poor labour relations will all come back to haunt them in the coming months.

Let’s understand one thing, when you condemn thousands of Nova Scotians to poverty, people will revolt when they can’t meet the everyday needs of their families. Let’s remember that we have the highest rate of child poverty and food bank use in Canada.  There is sadly no increase to income assistance, and many of those people are suffering now with insufficient income and winter is coming. More and more of our population is aging and many are suffering from inadequate long-term care, and will face hardships this winter. Remember the Liberal promise to lower your power bill?  A great sound bite, but it never happened and is just another broken promise in the list of many.

To think that $6.2 million in new health spending is enough? To suggest that’s a health care fix when it’s merely a drop in the bucket in a total health budget of $4.2 billion? The repeated closures of Emergency rooms are far worse now than in the past, and the Liberals are happy to let it slide and hope no one notices the closed sign on emergency room doors.

The Liberal Government chose financial restraint over the needs of thousands of Nova Scotians. That is the reality of a government who wants to hoard cash, rather than meet the needs of so many in our province.  Meanwhile, it is treating its workers with total disrespect. If Liberal disrespect were cash, we would have plenty. I say that things will not get better under the Liberals, and sooner or later the Liberal glass house will come tumbling down, especially when you only received 39% of the popular vote.


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