“Together We Are Stronger” – Congratulations to striking HTU workers on collective agreement ratification

By Amy Morris
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Congratulations to the striking members of the Halifax Typographical Union on your acceptance of the tentative agreement today. We will never understand the personal struggles of an 18-month strike and what it’s been like walking the picket line for so long.

We are so proud of each of you and your families. We know you all made a huge sacrifice standing for what you believe in, and with your strong actions of solidarity on the line each and every day. To do that, and also maintain the Local Xpress at the same time, is extraordinary and we know you fought this fight in a solid and proactive way.

We respect the decision of the members after more than 18 months pounding the pavement. Many of us understand that it’s quite likely the process of an industrial commission would have ended this if it had been done before now, in any event, we are pleased to see it did finally bring about a resolution.

Now that this dispute has ended, we are lifting the boycott on the Chronicle Herald and would encourage that those who had stopped their business at the paper now sign back up to support the unionized workers who are back at work.

We are looking forward to celebrating the end to this strike with everyone at our convention in the fall, it will be a good time for sure.

We wish to say a huge thank you to each and every striker who stood your ground day in and day out, for standing with integrity and with the passion to get a deal. Thanks to the unions and their leadership and members for the support during the last 18 plus months. To all those who dropped by the picket lines, invited the strikers into union meetings, events and conventions, made donations of money, food, gift cards and just dropped by the lines – be proud of your solidarity.

We are looking forward to our continued work together in Nova Scotia building a strong and solid labour movement and working together to achieve “The Kind of Province We Want”


In Solidarity,

Danny Cavanagh

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