Government must stop overlooking services desperately needed by Nova Scotians

By Amy Morris
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(Halifax, NS) – The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is surprised that the province ended its fiscal year with a $150 million surplus.  

NSFL president, Danny Cavanagh, says “Along with many Nova Scotians, I’m wondering how that can be, after the mantra of the McNeil Liberals has been ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling!’. We believe the surplus is at the expense of thousands of unionized workers in the province, with the majority of collective agreements remaining open and unresolved.”

“What makes this even more astounding, is that thousands of Nova Scotians face a shortage of health care services, can’t find a heath care provider, see overcrowding in hospitals, and are faced with bed shortages in long term care facilities and institutions.  Thousands more require mental health care, which they can’t get,” says Cavanagh.

Nova Scotians should be appalled that the government left millions on the table, and seems to be making decisions based on cost alone.  “This is not a time for our government to play shell games with the public, when our infrastructure and roads are crumbling and people can’t get the services they need.”


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For more information or to arrange interviews contact: NSFL President Danny Cavanagh @ (902) 957-0822

 The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is the provincial voice of the Labour Movement, representing 70,000 members in over 400 union locals.

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