Labour Federation says NS Government should avoid a costly P3 deal for the rebuild of the QEII

By Joan Wark
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Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanagh says he is not pleased with the news that the McNeil Government issued a request for supplier qualifications for public-private partnership (P3) Advisory services as an option for design, construction, finance and infrastructure of the QEll redevelopment project.Cavanagh says that P3 deals can cost as much as five times more and government can borrow at a better rate.

“We need this project vetted through the Auditor General to determine a value for money audit before moving ahead. and it needs to be open and transparent with no secrecy. Public meetings should be held where all finding are disclosed to taxpayers.

“I can’t believe that the McNeil Government is even considering allowing the private sector anywhere near our health care system in light of overwhelming, credible evidence that there is no risk for the private partner who sucks every dollar they can from taxpayers for health care services that operate as public‐private‐partnerships (P3s) which are really private for‐profit “care”.

He says if a P3 option is chosen for the QEII rebuild, this will be an erosion of our universal health care system where profit becomes the focus of the service instead of health care.

“Let’s remember the Provincial Liberal’s P3 school fiasco during which private partners fought with government on who would pay for trash cans in the halls and classrooms. That school privatization scheme will cost tax payers upwards of a billion dollars, a huge windfall for the private partner as Nova Scotians paid the bills for all 39 P3 schools.

“We have seen time and time again that private deals are proven failures, and the health care system in NS cannot afford that,” says Cavanagh.

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