Labour Federation not surprised by Porter’s jump to the Liberals

By Joan Wark
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Halifax, N.S. –  NS Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanagh says he is not surprised that Chuck Porter decided to jump on board with the McNeil Liberal Government yesterday.  Following over two years of anti-Labour Legislation, continues attacks on working families from one end of Nova Scotia to the other – Chuck Porter has decided that he supports these attacks so much he decided to join the team,” says Cavanagh.

“This is different than someone who was elected as part of the Liberal team and is now trying to come to grips with what they see their own Liberal Government doing. Chuck Porter has chosen to join Stephen McNeil knowing full well what he’s in for – I guess the Conservatives were just not right-wing enough for Chuck,” adds Cavanagh.

“Not only is Chuck Porter endorsing the attacks on Labour, but by joining the Liberals he is saying he supports the attacks on Seniors with the heavy-handed changes to Pharmacare and the complete decimation of our Film Industry.  We need to send Chuck Porter a message, that he doesn’t get to cherry pick from the Liberal Government’s record.  By joining the Liberals he is buying into every bad decision they have made,” Cavanagh said in conclusion.



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