Why did NS Health Authority spend $1 million dollars to a PRIVATE American healthcare provider?

By Joan Wark
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The Federation of Labour in Nova Scotia is very disappointed that the Nova Scotia Health Authority is exporting more jobs out of the province, spending $1 million over the last 12 months sending pathology work to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

NSFL President Danny Cavanagh is asking why our own Healthcare system isn’t properly staffed to do the Pathology work here?  It is not acceptable that we are sending upwards of a million dollars to a PRIVATE American healthcare provider when we should have recruited people to come here to live and do the work.

The premier travels the globe to promote job creation in an attempt to attract more jobs here has completely neglected recruiting enough people to ensure we maintain a quality public health care system.

“We are asking the Premier what is his plan is for health care where are the other areas of concern? How much will it be to do this in house if we had enough people. Did no one see this coming and why where no plans in place to hire more workers ion Nova Scotia to do the pathology work?

“As the government continues to pick fights with its workers, the problems of recruitment and retention will become even worse.  Now we have another million dollars leaving the province at a time when we need to keep as many of those pennies here as we can. This government was elected to improve health care and it committed to do that in its platform,” says Cavanagh.

The government must take steps to strengthen and support better health care.

Planning ahead and making sure those in charge of health care have the foresight to look ahead and see the areas where problems may exist and plan ahead to improve service by ensuring we have enough staff in the system to deliver good quality public health care.


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